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"Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach's poems feel meticulously crafted, despite a certain primal, sometimes sensual quality often falsely seen as antithetical to intellectual poetry. Her poems smell of stars and campfires, a deeper sense of story, a mythological thread running, river-like, all the way back to the dawn of time."

~ Michael Meyerhofer 

Leaving Iowa, Damnatio Memoriae

"Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach's poems burn with illnesses ill-defined but brought to vivid life through the lens of magic realism. Lilacs burst through eardrums. Lungs fill with sawdust and cedar. Bruises are not bruises but plums. There is pain here, and fear. These are poems about what it is like to live in a body, and what it is like to love another whose body could fail at any moment, as easily as the power going out in the middle of a cold night​."

~ Michael Young 

Editor, Rust + Moth

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
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