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Window & the Knife

Window and the Knife: Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Music

From 2012-2013, they took the Eugene music scene by storm playing as a trio with a solid rhythm section. Having now relocated to the Philadelphia area, Julia and Kenny tried to continue as a full electric band, but ultimately decided to return to a more simplistic, acoustic-driven sound. Now, they are writing more music and continuing on as an indie-americana duo, the way they first started. Hoping to play live shows soon! Stay tuned by following Window & the Knife at the online venues below!






Window & the Knife is a dynamic song-writing duo balancing poetry-rich lyrics, dual vocals, driving rhythms, and simple melodies to create their own unique indie-americana rock sound. Founding band members, husband and wife Kenny and Julia, met in a rock band where Kenny was the drummer and Julia was the singer in 2006, and have been writing and performing together ever since. Their style stems from blending Julia's writing and Kenny's acoustic guitar melodies. 

Window and the Knife: Julia Kolchinksy Dasbach Music

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"Buried" by Window & the Knife

"Bittersweet" by Window & the Knife

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